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News and Awards

We are members of:

  • AMCHAM (The American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica)
  • JHTA (The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association)
  • Chairman of the Gutters basic School Board ( Tamika)
  • Assistant Fund raiser of JHTA Montego bay Chapter( Tamika)
  • Mentor for a young lady who is the ward of JHTA ( Tamika)

We have received awards:

  • USA Today Travel magazine 2015... Ahhh... has maintained Number one of ten. ten best Shopping in Jamaica. Ahhh...mazing!
  • Award from Buckingham Primary in Appreciation of contribution to the school from Ahhh.2011
  • Nomination for Champion Environmental teacher ( Jamaica Environment Trust) ( Tamika) 2012
  • National Award Sam Sharpe award to Ahhh.. in the area of Tourism October 2012
  • Award from Buckingham Primary to Ahhh… 2013
  • Nomination Jamaica Environment Trust to Ahhh for environmenta practices ( 2013
  • Nomination in Art and Culture ( AMCHAM) Ian September 2013

Certifications List and descriptions

  • Jamaica Tourist Board and TPDCO certified as a legal tourisn entity ( inspected bi annually)
  • The Jamaica Fire department certified to January 20 13 as being compliant ( renewable annualy)
  • Ministry of Health certified as being compliant with a score of 98% ( renewed annually)
  • Public Liabity certified as being insured( renewed annually)
  • Jamaica Constabulary Force( Police certified as being compliant( renewable annually)

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