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the artists

Ras NatangoRas Natango
ras is self taught. He reads extensively and prefers to work in acrylics. His paintings in the hotels are mainly of tropical flora.his art is now in every hotel rius on the island, and in private collections in over 17 countries of the world.

ayale is a graphic artist in addition to being a fine artist. he is a graduate of the art institute of ft lauderdale where he studied graphic desktop design.

cney is a local artist who is trained by ras.

the groundskeepersGroundskeepers

There are five grounds keepers. Ian Reid (Badman) has been the grounds keeper in excess of 12 years. He currently supervises the other four, along with performing repairs and making more terraced walls. The garden is divided into four levels with each of the other four responsible for a specific area. They are Patrick Reid (Marvin), Lincent Hinds (Rat), Maurice (Morris), and Jamas Watkin (Sea Boot). They compete among themselves to make each area the best. They help with collecting rain water, watering the garden, labeling, weeding, and building.

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